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About Us

DJ Sons This photo was taken after 4 years in business! DJ Sons This photo was taken in early 2015! DJ Family (T.A.Z.E. is an acronym for: Troy, Ann, Zak, and Ethan)

TAZE MUSIC FACTORY is a family owned and operated DJ Business. (T.A.Z.E. is an acronym for my family: Troy, Ann, Zak, and Ethan) We have built such a good reputation in our county that we now only service a 45 mile radius due to the volume of bookings that we take in.

TAZE began in the 90’s with me and my high powered DJ system building a rapport with the local clubs and wedding halls. Through the turn of the century, I built the business to accommodate the unforeseen. I began buying back up equipment, and then I would hire and train DJ’s to our high standards. Then came more systems, then more qualified DJ’s.

Every event we do, we submit a comment card and adjust where needed. Although we have yet to have any negative feedback, we have kept our comment cards on file and they are available for you to view. We continue to improve our equipment and continue to train our DJ’s by maintaining them and keep them certified through seminars and conventions.

Please make sure when you are shopping around for DJ’s that you compare apples to apples. Steer away from cheap DJ’s and don’t throw your money away to over priced DJ’s. No one offers more for a moderate price. Please refer to our 10-STAR GUARANTEE when shopping around for DJ’s. Use the guarantees as a questionnaire for our competitors if you like. Make sure you ask about their hidden costs too. Something we would never do!